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MASSive Crush Pt. 1

Welcome to the MASSive Crush series! I happen to have a MASSive crush on the Mass itself. This series will be a tool to help explain and break the Mass down step-by-step to explain why we do what we do. (And what we are supposed to be doing during that part of the Mass!) It […]

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Read this, you won’t.

Why’d you click on this post? Were you tempted to find out why I dared you to look? To see what I was going to talk about? You just had to give in and find out?! Well hey, glad you could make it. I realized something lately. It might be because our culture is crazy-saturated in technology, […]

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Hey! Happy Valentine’s Day! If you’re anything like me, you have heard allllllll of the opinions of Valentine’s Day. It’s Great! It’s Terrible! Galentine’s Day! It’s totally all Hallmark’s Fault! National Single-Awareness Day! U-Day, not V-Day! It’s a Feast Day! And if you’re still anything like me, you are overwhelmed by so many people telling […]

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PISCES of the Truth.

Recognize this emoji? It’s basically in everyone’s phones nowadays, people use it in their insta bios, and as a descriptive image to express themselves? Why? Because their zodiac sign and horoscope are a part of who they are!   Random Teenager (Archie): “Okay…but why not, Mary? Horoscopes are fine. It’s not like they’re real. Who […]

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Who’s on First?

Have you heard this joke before? I remember my sixth grade math teacher making us read this (why we were reading it in math class in totally beyond me). Basically it is this long winded joke about baseball players with funny names and miscommunication and humor. As smashingly famous as this joke is, I wanted to […]

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New Beginnings

As we begin this new year, I’m taking a second to reflect on my time since moving here… Deciding to move to Virginia was a big change for me. I had been living in Ohio, drove back to New Hampshire for ten days where I was born and raised for my whole life, and then […]

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