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I’ll Do It EvLENTually

It’s that time of year again! Time to decide what form of chocolate you really might be able to live 40 days without, or what Netflix show you can resist the urge to watch. ———————————————————————————————————————- How about we make some better Lenten decisions this year? How many of you have done something for Lent before, […]

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Palms are sweaty, knees weak.

If you’re like me, in your daily perusal on the inter webs, you may have come across a meme or two about anxiety, without even realizing it. Maybe it mentions quickly regretting everything you’ve ever said just because you phrased something a little funny in your last text. Or how about the ones that talk […]

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“You Must Be Sad At Heart”

From the first reading for Wednesday, October 4th, Feast of St. Francis   NEH 2:1-8 In the month Nisan of the twentieth year of King Artaxerxes, when the wine was in my charge, I took some and offered it to the king. As I had never before been sad in his presence, the king asked […]

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Hey! Happy Valentine’s Day! If you’re anything like me, you have heard allllllll of the opinions of Valentine’s Day. It’s Great! It’s Terrible! Galentine’s Day! It’s totally all Hallmark’s Fault! National Single-Awareness Day! U-Day, not V-Day! It’s a Feast Day!   And if you’re still anything like me, you are overwhelmed by so many people […]

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PISCES of the Truth.

Recognize this emoji? It’s basically in everyone’s phones nowadays, people use it in their insta bios, and as a descriptive image to express themselves? Why? Because their zodiac sign and horoscope are a part of who they are!   Random Teenager (Archie): “Okay…but why not, Mary? Horoscopes are fine. It’s not like they’re real. Who […]

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Who’s on First?

Have you heard this joke before? I remember my sixth grade math teacher making us read this (why we were reading it in math class in totally beyond me). Basically it is this long winded joke about baseball players with funny names and miscommunication and humor. As smashingly famous as this joke is, I wanted to […]

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New Beginnings

As we begin this new year, I’m taking a second to reflect on my time since moving here… Deciding to move to Virginia was a big change for me. I had been living in Ohio, drove back to New Hampshire for ten days where I was born and raised for my whole life, and then […]

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