Ascend and Mania is every 1st and 3rd Friday from 6:30pm-8pm in the Parish Activity Center. 

ASCEND AND MANIA is a dynamic Catholic Youth Ministry program for boys & girls from 6th-8th grade to grow in knowledge of their Catholic faith, friendship with Christ, and make a difference and positive impact on their families, friends and in the world around them. We’ll explore what we believe as Catholics and how it impacts our daily lives, pulling from the readings for the following Sunday, Scripture, or even just current events related to our Faith.

Youth gather at All Saints (location is dependent on conditions/dates) and then they are greeted by out Middle School Core Team.  This Core Team is a combination of parents, young adults, and teens!  

Small groups are special for their close-knit environment and they perfectly compliment our spiritual talk for the night. Small groups of same sex and grade gives youth a time to develop relationships, discuss questions and concerns, and go a little deeper into their faith.

Our nights are filled with games, friends, small groups, talks, and hanging out. Main games and activities include Capture the Flag, Photo Scavenger Hunt, Life Size Clue, sports, etc… The night usually concludes with a reflection and prayer.

This special combined evening of Ascend & Mania is a great way to meet new faces and grow in fellowship with one another, nurturing a communal spirit rooted in Jesus Christ.

Plus, we also have monthly trips that include things like bowling, laser tag, and going to the movies.

For more information or questions please contact Nicole Fetterman at [email protected] or call at 703-393-2141.

NOTE: Because of Diocesan requirements, ALL participants must be registered in order to attend our All Saints Youth Ministry offerings.

Here's a Glimpse at Some of Our Previous Fun (Pre-Coronavirus)