Dear Auditioners,

You all did fabulous!  Including our Video Auditions, a total of 19 people auditioned!  We really are bummed that we could not cast everyone who came to audition.  There are only 12 roles.

If you were not cast, please volunteer to help with props or costumes.  Just email or call me!

We are very much looking forward to the start of rehearsals Sunday, December 4th at 2-4pm… plan to arrive by 1:50pm in the PAC on December 4th.

Scripts are available to be picked up at Youth Group tonight or at Time Out Tuesday… or, you can come by the office Monday or Tuesday between Noon-3pm.  If you cannot grab a script this week, then stop by Youth Group next Sunday between 6:30-8:00pm.

God bless,

Rob & Kirstin     703.393.2141

Cast List                  _________________________________________

Delivery Man                                       Juan Zapata

Jillian                                                      Claire Kelly

Henry                                                      Ernesto Servin

Luann                                                      Marcie Van de Voorde

Patty                                                        Marie Tessier

Danny                                                      Jack Tessier

Burglar #1                                               Nick Villacorte

Burglar #2                                               Jordan Borick

Ensemble (Man 1, Tyler)                       Matthew White

Ensemble (Woman 1 and 3)                 Sophia Thompson

Ensemble (Woman 2 and 3)                  Skylar Vasicek

Ensemble (Woman 2 and Friend)        Abby Chaumont

Rehearsal Schedule_____________________________________

Sunday, December 4th                2:00-4:00pm PAC        READ THRU & Block A & B

Sunday, December 11th             2:00-4:00pm PAC         Block:  C, D, & E, review B

Sunday, December 18th              2:00-4:00pm PAC         Block:  F, G, review A

December 19th – January 14th      none                             memorize all lines at home on own


Sunday, January 15th                  2:00-4:00pm PAC         Run & Work E – G

Sunday, January 22nd                 2:00-4:00pm PAC         Run & Work A – D plus Chase review

Sunday, January 29th                  2:00-5:00pm PAC         FULL RUN w/ Costumes & Props

Wednesday, February 1st            6:00-9:00pm PAC         Run Thrus w/ Notes

Thursday, February 2nd              6:00-9:00pm PAC         FINAL DRESS

Friday-Saturday, Feb 3rd – 4th     5:30-9:30pm PAC         Cabaret Shows

Saturday, February 4th                11am-5:30pm PAC       FESTIVAL Competition

Saturday, February 4th               9:30-11:30pm PAC       Clean Up & Party

Production Team__________________________________

Director-       Rob Tessier

Assistant Director-    Kirstin Kleb

Stage Manager-        Brian Sledz

Asst. Stage Manager-   Joseph Albrigo

Technical Director-     Jay Wells

Costume Director-    Kyna Chilcot

Lighting & Sound-    Ben Jacobeen & Marcus Volpert

Prop Master-          John Paul Kleb

Rehearsal Assistant- Karen Garcia