Beauty and the Beast Cast List

Dear Auditioners,

Wow!  We could have cast this production 3 times… we were very impressed!  We feel terrible not to be able to cast everyone. 160 people auditioned, 65 were called back, and only 36 were cast.  Please understand that super incredibly talented people were not cast… If you were not cast, do not believe for a second that you are not talented.  Also, please consider volunteering behind the scenes by emailing Esther Tenneyson at

URTM is a family and we love to welcome new faces!


Our first rehearsal is this TUESDAY, MAY 23, 6:30-10:00pm in the same area where you initially auditioned (Father Kelly Hall for those of you who know our campus – come in the same door you did for auditions).  We need full cast to be present (unless indicated on your Conflict Form).  Most performers will not be called the whole rehearsal. The dates and times of our first few rehearsals will be published very soon… we need to build it based on the conflicts… it’ll come soon!  

NOTE: Our next rehearsals after the 5/23 first rehearsal, will be Wednesday 5/24, Thursday 5/25, Saturday  5/27, Sunday, 5/28, Monday 5/29, Wednesday 5/31, Thursday 6/1, Saturday 6/3, and Sunday 6/4. (These first rehearsals are subject to change – so please do not add new conflicts – we schedule and adjust rehearsals based on the exact availability you gave us for your summer.)


Please make sure you have installed RehearScore on your computer so have full accompaniment to use at home.

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Also, we will keep the most up-to-date schedule online via our calendar page (and if you use Gmail, you can add this into your own Google Calendar too, but you do NOT need to have a Gmail account to view this calendar). For all of the details and to view the online calendar on any of your devices or computers, click here (

Beauty and the Beast CAST LIST…

BelleAbby Rozmajzl
BeastAshton Schaffer
Mrs. PottsLaura Mills
LumiereJoshua Wilson
CogsworthMatthew Clem
GastonJoshua Ewalt
LeFouJosh Carias
ChipCaleb Wilson
BabetteAmanda Fish
WardrobeMandy Viles
MauriceDavid Morgan
Silly Girl #1Carolyn Karcher
Silly Girl #2Meridyth Rosato
Silly Girl #3Kirstin Weber
Monsieur D'Arque/ Egg Man/ Enchanted Object
Anthony Smitha
Wolf/ Cronie's Girl/ Enchanted Object/ Ball Guest
Abby Chaumont
Wolf/ Cronie's Girl/ Enchanted Object/ Ball GuestElizabeth Davis
Wolf/ Cronie's Girl/ Enchanted Object/ Ball GuestLeslie Vidal
Wolf/ Cronie's Girl/ Enchanted Object/ Ball GuestKayleen Nagurny
Wolf/ Cronie's Girl/ Enchanted Object/ Ball GuestJessi Rexroad
Aristocratic Lady/ Enchanted Object
Carmen Clem
Bookseller/ Enchanted Object
Robert DeBroeck
Lady with Cane/ Enchanted Object
Catherine Moore
Milkmaid/ Enchanted Object
Marie Tessier
Lady with Baby/ Enchanted Object
Virginia Osella
Baker/ Enchanted Object
Nick Villacorte
Hat Seller/ Enchanted Object
Brendan Clark
Sausage Curl Girl/ Enchanted Object
Marcie Van de Voorde
Shepherd Boy/ Enchanted Object
Peter Tessier
Fish Man/ Enchanted Object
Colin Villacorte
Enchantress/ Cronie's Girl/ Ball Guest
Maria Davis
Beast Double/ Cronie/ Enchanted Object
Jonathan Rosato
Flower Seller/ Enchanted Object
Maddie Mangilit
Girl in Village/ Enchanted Object
Michaela Catabui
Girl in Village/ Enchanted Object
Erin Shields
Girl in Village/ Enchanted Object
Julia Downes

I know it is very hard to put your all into an audition and then not see your name.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

We are looking forward to an exciting summer!

God bless,

Rob Tessier
Director, Beauty and the Beast