Peter Pan Cast List

Dear Auditioners,

Truly… we were incredibly impressed by the talent & effort you brought to Callbacks!  We WISH we could cast you all!  If you were not cast, please consider volunteering behind the scenes by emailing Monica Loesel at  URTM is a family and we love to welcome new faces!


Our first rehearsal is THIS WEDNESDAY, MAY 20, 6:30-9:30 PM.  We need full cast to be present (unless indicated on your Conflict Form)

We are still scheduling future weekday/weekend rehearsals… our first, critical music rehearsals will be this weekend (detailed weekend schedule coming Wednesday):

Saturday, May 23, 9:30-2:00
Sunday, May 24, 5:30-10:00
Also, we will keep the most up-to-date schedule online via our calendar page (and if you use Gmail, you can add this into your own Google Calendar too, but you do NOT need to have a Gmail account to view this calendar). For all of the details and to view the online calendar on any of your devices or computers, click here (



PETER PAN                                             Clare Galvin

SLIGHTLY                                                Tyler Williams

TOOTLES                                                Jack Tessier

CURLY                                                     Nicholas Villacorte

TWIN #1                                                 Juan Zapata

TWIN #2                                                 Ashley Nguyen

NIBS                                                        Mathew White

NO NAP                                                  Martin Kelly

POCKETS                                                Allison Jordan      


CAPTAIN HOOK/ MR. DARLING          Gabe Duda

SMEE                                                      Jacob Lash

CECCO                                                    Anthony Smitha

STARKEY                                                 Nathan McGraw

JUKES                                                      Grant Pierson

TURLEY                                                   Robert DeBroeck

WHIBBLES                                              Brian Pierce

NOODLER                                              Paul Marich

COOKSON                                              Lee Farrish

MULLINS                                                Will Hatmaker

SCOURIE/LIZA                                       Katie Gorman


TIGER LILY                                              Jessi Rexroad

GREAT BIG LITTLE PANTHER                Trisha Vamosi

EAGLE OF THE SUN                               Elizabeth Davis

GOLDEN FLOWER                                 Leslie Vidal

SWEET BEAR                                          Felicia Nagurny

FIRST BORN DAUGHTER                       Abby Chaumont

YOUNG FIRE                                           Dana Klatt

LITTLE LEAF                                           Rachel Rollins

BIRD WOMAN                                       Alexandra Frilles


WENDY                                                   Jeanne Myers

JOHN                                                      Joseph Machosky

MICHAEL                                                Antonio LaNave

MRS. DARLING/MERMAID                  Karen Kelleher

JANE/NARRATOR/MERMAID              Megan Mastropaolo

LIZA/ SCOURIE the PIRATE                  Katie Gorman

NANA/CROCODILE                               Tom Moore

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns at

We are looking forward to an exciting summer!

God bless,

Rob Tessier
Director, Peter Pan