June 26-29, 2024
Wednesday*-Saturday ~ 8:00AM-3:00PM *7:00pm-8:30pm Wed

Based on the Diocesan High School Work Camp, Middle School Mission offers participants a chance to make new friends, do new things, and have lots of fun…while learning about and sharing their faith in the context of community service.

REGISTRATION CLOSES JUNE 10 AT 5PM! Spots are limited, register ASAP!

WHO: All current 5th – 7th graders in the 2023-2024 school year

WHERE: Days begin and end in the gym. The teens will attend the parish Mass in the morning. Adult volunteers will drive teens to and from worksites.

WHEN: June 26-29, 2024. Wednesday 7:00-8:30pm, then Thursday-Saturday 8:00am-3:00pm

BRING: Comfortable work clothes, a pair of work gloves, basic tools according to site, and a good attitude!

WHAT AND WHY:  Service, Food, Friends, Spirituality, Fun, Excitement! Wednesday evening kicks off with an introduction to Mission and team building challenges. For the rest of the week, we start each day with Mass followed by breakfast. Then, crews head to their worksites in the nearby community and do a variety of service work, taking a break for lunch (youth bring their own bagged lunches). After that, they return back to home base for some free time, snacks, and an afternoon program. 

HOW MUCH: For All Saints in parish: $80 per person, Out of parish $90. Sorry, no refunds. More Info:  Contact Nicole Christensen at 571-516-3161 or [email protected]

PLEASE NOTE: If you cannot attend ALL of the days involved in Middle School Mission, we WILL NOT be able to have you participate in the program. Due to the spirit of mission in this work camp, we require that all of our campers attend all days of the camp to instill a spirit of camaraderie and community amongst the crews as they go out to do the Lord’s work. Thank you for your honesty and understanding.

NOTE: Because of Diocesan requirements, ALL participants must be registered in order to attend our All Saints Youth Ministry offerings.